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My name is Dr. Pawel Lachowicz and I’m the guy standing behind QuantAtRisk.com – your gateway to a deeper understanding of quantitative finance, wide aspects of algorithmic trading, computational risk management, and many many more.

When in June 2012 I found QaR, my motivation was clear: to take any textbook-based problem in finance and deliver its easy, digestable, but professional solution supplemented by ready-to-use codes, wrapped with a text explaining every single topic in the way which teaches You and inspire for further exploration. As the financial industry moves and evolves fast, I knew I had to adopt along the line. I started with coding in Matlab and moved towards Python soon after. Now, I dare to explore R and Julia programming tools for a better and faster results.

Finance, as we know today, can be viewed as constantly changing, growing big data problem, therefore a combination of fundamentals on financial markets, data exploration, download, followed by deep analysis in a scientific manner seems to be the must nowadays. At QuantAtRisk.com we address all those topics using appealing examples You will love.

There are over 75,000 pageviews of QaR every month. A rich feedback received from all around the world motivates me to keep going. Thanks to You. My Audience.

At QuantAtRisk.com you will find:

Articles on Financial Time-Series Analysis, Quantitative Risk Management, Algo-Trading
Books that I wrote on Python and Matlab for Finance
Workshops where I teach practical application of Python language in solving financial problems
Video Courses on Python for Computational Finance
Consulting Services designed around You and your quantitative / algo-trading / big data projects.

I’m here to help You. Your voice is important to me therefore feel free to Contact Me anytime you wish.

Have fun and enjoy resources of QaR!

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