Quantitative Analysis, Risk Management, Modelling, Algo Trading, and Big Data Analysis

QuantAtRisk Professional Consulting

QuantAtRisk represented by Pawel Lachowicz, PhD (Australian Business Number; ABN 58 495 201 605) delivers professional Consulting Services covering:

final product/service delivery; supplemented with
complete documentation

in the broad area of:

1. Quantitative and Computational Finance
2. Market Risk Management
3. Business Insights for Investing
4. Statistical Modeling
5. Big Data Analysis
6. Machine Learning Algorithms
7. Simulations


utilising programming tools of Python, Matlab, C/C++, Bash/Shell scripting, CUDA/OpenCL GPU, Excel/VBA, R, and Julia.

Pawel Lachowicz holds a PhD degree in astrophysics and time-series analysis from Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw, Poland (2007). He has been working in the financial industry since 2010 commencing in the field of algorithmic trading and trading model design based on novel solutions in digital signal processing. Displaying a meticulous attention to detail, Pawel’s prime focus has always been around understanding his customers’ needs and delivery of pinpoint solutions. Through his vibrant career in Asia and Australia (2010-2016) extended by serving as a trusted consultant and quantitative business analyst, Pawel served to private and commercial clients worldwide by providing continuous added-value.

Pawel’s Resume is available for download in a .pdf format here. He is currently based in Wroclaw, Poland.


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