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Python for Computational Finance

A brand NEW product of QuantAtRisk, Python for Computational Finance, is a video course designed for all who would like to learn Python from the very beginning and/or dive into any advanced financial concept straight away.

Starting Jan 1, 2017. Every week one to five new videos will be added.


Course Content (under design, development, and recording)

1. Introduction to Python 3.5+
     Installation on Mac, Linux, Windows
     History of Python
     Python 2 vs 3
     Working in a Python Shell
     Jupyter: IPython Notebook(s)
     IDEs for Python (PyCharm, Rodeo, Spyder, etc.)
2. Python for Computational Finance
     Landmark Made by Python
     Why Python? Why for Computational Finance?
     Python vs C++
     Simplicity with Flexibilty
3. Maths
     Objects and Numbers
     Numbers: Integers/Long, Float, Boolean
     Complex Numbers and Complex Analysis in Finance
4. Calculus
5. Statistics
6. Data Analysis
7. Time-Series Analysis
     Quantitative Aspects of pandas library
     Introduction to Data Analysis with pandas
     Matrix Manipulations in pandas
8. N-Asset Portfolios
9. Market Risk Management
10. Algorithmic Trading
11. Derivatives
12. Fixed Income
13. Credit Risk
14. Machine Learning Algorithms for Quantitative Finance


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