Quantitative Analysis, Risk Management, Modelling, Algo Trading, and Big Data Analysis

Python for Quants. Volume I.

I came across your book. Apart from the incredibly useful content, I love the casual style and in particular, the margin notes.
                   — James Battle (Sydney)

Just worked through your new book and I really enjoyed it. Great read! Really looking forward to Volume II!
                   — Titian Steiger (Zurich)

Exceptionally well written, with loads of examples, packed with tiny details that make this book so valuable!!
                   — Henry Edmonton, PhD (London)

The best introduction to Python for quantitative analysts I had a pleasure to read so far. Clear and concise. Straight to the point.
                   — John McKey (USA)

Very very professional!
                   — Lukasz Orlowski (Singapore)



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Python for Quants is the first book-series in the market that takes you from the absolute beginner level in Python programming towards instant applications in Quantitative Analysis, Mathematics, Statistics, Data Analysis, Finance, and Algo Trading. Written with passion, this book of unprecedented quality and in-depth coverage teaches you the essentials of Python that allow you to start coding your ideas, models, and solving complex problems straight away!

Volume I of Python for Quants trilogy is all about making you feel comfortable with Python’s syntax and
creativity of object-oriented programming. This Volume does not teach you quantitative finance nor
statistics; this is the subject of Volume II and III. It teaches you Python 3.5 (2.7.10 compatible) applied
to quantitative problems by great number of individually crafted examples and ready-to-use Python codes.

Volume I Highly Recommended for:
      Everyone who starts programming in Python
      Quantitative, Financial, and (Big) Data Analysts, Students, Researchers
      If You want to replace VBA with Python in Excel

QuantAtRisk Quality of Publishing:
    1st Edition, Nov 26th 2015 (updated: June 2016)
    100+ most useful Python functions
    235 quality pages, A4 format, ready for double-side print, colour
    50+ solved computational challenges
    2000+ lines of Python code

    via immediate e-mail delivery (pdf) at the affordable price of USD 44.95


Volume I covers:

1. Python for Fearful Beginners
      Your New Python Flight Manual
      Python for Quantitative People
      Installation of Python (Mac OS X, Linux, Windows)
      Using Python
2. Fundamentals of Python
      Introduction to Mathematics
      Complex Analysis
      Lists and Chain Reactions
      Randomness Built-In
      Beyond the Lists
3. Fundamentals of NumPy for Quants
      In the Matrix of NumPy
      1D Arrays
      2D Arrays
      Arrays of Randomness
      Sample Statistics with scipy.stats Module
      3D, 4D Arrays, and N-dimensional Space
      Essential Matrix and Linear Algebra
          NumPy’s ufuncs: Acceleration Built-In
      Element-wise Analysis
      A Recommended Style of Python Coding
      Date and Time
      Replace VBA with Python in Excel
      Your Plan to Master Python in 6 months

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