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Tick-Data Download

If you are building and backtesting High Frequency Trading (HFT) algo model start your tests with our data. Here you will find a few samples of tick-data you can use.

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Tick-Data for FX Traders
The data sets cover the time period between 2009-01-01 22:01:00.000 and 2009-06-30 23:59:38.000 (6 months; about 60MB per FX pair) and come down in a fixed format, downloadable as a set of .csv files compressed into a single .zip file.

USDJPY pair   US$4.99    




Special Tick-Data Requests
It is possible to download the historical tick-data among 28 different FX pairs (see their full list) for any time period between Jan/1 2000 and May/31 2010. Please use Contact page to express your interest.

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